At Focal Hive, we offer a full suite of marketing and communication services to engage your relevant audiences and activate new growth opportunities at all your brand touchpoints

Branding & Strategy

Owning a brand comes with great responsibility. From the early ages of marketing, the brands with a spot in the history book are the ones built on values, the ones that forge time-proof relationships with customers. The courage, the insights and the tools to do the right things for the right reasons give the new generation of agile leaders the confidence to brand the future.

If you’re here, it means you’re ready to focus on what matters and help your company strive in the most over-crowded and consumerist market of this century.

Working with Focal Hive, you get a roadmap for business growth, one that will help you generate business on auto-pilot while building you a trustful, unique brand which your customers will embrace.

Here’s how we may help you build a solid business foundation:

Qualitative Customer Research
Competitor Benchmarking
Brand Building & Strategy
Omni-channel Customer Journey Mapping
Cross-platforms Digital Strategy
Social Media Planning
Performance / Leads Strategy
Newsletter & Direct Email Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy
PR & Marketing Strategy
UX Analysis and Strategy
Media Strategy

Marketing Tactics & Assets

Many entrepreneurs believe that once they have a good strategy, success is just around the corner. Sadly, the reality is that even the brightest strategies flop when being implemented. This is also because B2B buyer behaviour has fundamentally changed, and even accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, putting the buyers in control of their purchase journey, which became increasingly digital. This poses both risks and opportunities.

Our hive of experienced accounts and brilliant marketers will buzz relentlessly to identify and build on your modern B2B buyer patterns, delivering your strategy execution in timely manner with a crisp focus on results and ROI, while spending your hard-earned budgets responsibly.

Do you imagine how valuable that would be for your long-term results?

Brand Identity Kit & Guidelines
Brand & Product Campaigns
Website/Landing Pages Design & Development
Social Media Creatives
Digital Media Creatives
Newsletter & DM Creatives
Global/Regional Sales Kits
Event/Conference Concept & Design
Fair Booth Concept & Design

Creative Content

Content marketing, be it blog, video, campaigns or conference content, is about using interesting, relevant and though-provoking information and skills to create a strong relationship between brands and their customers. Research bears a very important part in delivering a high-quality content that engages the audiences and warms them up to your brand, yet the whole process requires a scientific approach to deliver on its goals.

At Focal Hive, we use a proven methodology that is meticulously designed to create powerful, multi-channel content which grabs your target’s attention and drives them through the conversion funnels. We use design thinking to shape insights from big data analysis and small data immersion into compelling stories that help you not just differentiate, but lead with authority.

Ask us for:

Creative Campaigns
Copywriting for any Type of Platform
Video Creation, Scripts & Editing
Event / Conference Concepts
Promo & Sales Presentation Kits
PR Articles & Event Presentations
Internal Communication Materials
Telesales Scripts (Sandler Methodology)
Social Media Content
Email Drips Creation

Performance Marketing

Your favourite part, right? 😊Most of our Focal Hive team members have already been on your side, namely we’ve been in the client’s shoes. We know that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to numbers, doesn’t it?

How will we make your brand perform like never before? Here’s our winning recipe: we audit, we design, we execute, we analyse, we optimize, we optimize, we optimize (you get the point) and then we keep succeeding with great results.

Expect a clear, step-by-step plan laid out for you transparently from the beginning of our cooperation. Following our guiding principles, we immerse ourselves into your business’ philosophy and, at a mental level, become one with your brand. You know how, in a natural hive, all the bees act alike to offer the best life conditions to their Queen? Similarly, our actions are focused, well organized, smart and incredibly efficient. And this is the reason why our performance efforts work hand in hand with all the other services we provide, as a fuel for all the actions we take in order to grow your brand.

This is how we drive performance:

Performance Audit
Traffic Generation Through Paid Media
Conversion/Lead Generation (Google Ads &
SM Campaigns
Conversion Rate Optimization
Retargeting Campaigns
Social Media Performance
(Facebook,YouTube, LinkedIn)
Nurturing Planning & Implementation
B2B integrated Performance Thinking
Platforms Monitoring, Analysis and Optimization (UX Included)
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