Achieve maximum marketing value for your budget

The challenges and obstacles, the trial and error, the countless hours spent as B2B customers in dealing with agencies that did not have sufficient understanding or vision to design a path for success to walk on, are the things that gave us the confidence to build an agency that meets the demands of a growth-minded B2B organization.

We live in a world fueled for accelerated progress in all aspects of life and businesses find themselves challenged to constantly update themselves in order to continue to remain relevant and appealing to their markets.

In a race to make use of all opportunities to compete successfully, many companies hire multiple marketing providers which work disconnected for providing services that are essentially connected.

We believe that only by aligning the core business objectives with the marketing priorities and fueling them with the right expertise and orchestration, it is possible to harness the power of modern marketing means and generate incremental value for the long term.


The B2B buyer has more power than ever before and is in command of the buying process. The game is no longer to attract and persuade, it’s really to engage buyers and help them through their decision journey.

To successfully connect with (and ultimately sell to) these empowered buyers, B2B organizations need to adapt their strategy and tactics to align more closely to buyers’ expectations and motivations.

Delivering on these expectations calls for

New marketing approaches
Unapologetic strategic thinking
Results-driven approach that is scientific and data driven
Long term vision for sustained performance
Creativity with a purpose
Smart, uncomplicated solutions

All these, corroborated with our obsession for excellence and strong ethic principles, give us an edge over competing agencies.

We enable B2B companies achieve honest, sustainable growth by engineering researched marketing strategies that emphasize identity, purpose and connection.


Our team, set-up to work as a perfect hive, is made up of experienced professionals which are buzzing relentlessly to deliver exceptional services.

When you hire us, you plug-in a synchronized team of digital strategists, marketers, designers, copywriters, video makers, funnel builders and developers to drive the impact and performance you expect in your business.

We manage your full spectrum of marketing needs for a fixed monthly fee that will be a fraction of the cost for running an inside team or several specialized agencies. This model gives you the opportunity to use complex marketing services in a cost-effective and flexible collaboration while we barre the responsibility to constantly deliver on our agreed plan and objectives.

Our queen-bee?

You – our customers!

The “honey” we produce at Focal Hive will thus nurture your business for sustainable growth.

If you are serious about making a leap to progress your business and start working with a multi-functional agency, simply get in touch through the form below!